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       Let me start by sharing the definition of a sport, “An activity involving the exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” Swimming is one of the most underrated sports right now. Nobody realizes how much actually goes into swimming, how draining mentally and physically it can be, the soreness that swimmers have to deal with all the time, and all the early morning practices before school. Swimming is most definitely one of the hardest sports that exists, if not the hardest, and it is not fair to all the swimmers to have people continuously say that it is not a sport.
In the swimming portion of a swim practice swimmers are able to burn as much as 3000 calories, maybe even more depending on the practice that day, that is only the swimming part which lasts normally two hours, some days longer. Then there is the drylands portion of practice which a swimmer can burn many calories as well, since they are doing high intensity cardio, bodyweight exercises, and normal weights, the drylands portion of practice lasts usually one hour. During the drylands program swimmers can lose 500-800+ calories, again depending on the workout that day. On  most days swim teams have double practices, one at five in the morning before school starts and then one at night, both being equally hard and challenging. Also, swimmers have no “off season”, we get no break throughout the year, we are lucky if we get a week off at all, even a few days. No swimmer wants to take that time off though since if you miss just one practice you don’t feel as good the next day and you regret skipping that one day for the next week or two. These statistics compared to basketball which everyone says is a sport have a major difference, basketball players are said to burn around 750 calories a practice, there is a major difference. A sport that is similar to swimming is track, they both have the same type of set-up as well as many other similarities. Track runners are always talking about how many miles they ran, even some soccer players talk about how many miles they had to run at practice the other day. In one practice swimmers swim anywhere between 5-7+ miles a practice, one swimming mile is equivalent to four miles running, not saying that running a few miles isn’t difficult, swimmers need to run a few miles at drylands every day as well,  but swimming a mile is also very difficult and actually considered more. The famous quote that every swimmer has seen at least one hundred times is “Swimmers do more kicks than a soccer player, more flips than a cheerleader, more sets than a volleyball player, and more yards than a football player, STILL EASY?”, this quote is very true. So many swimmers do so much at every practice and yet everybody still considers it “easy”. Swimmers have a tendency to have bad hand-eye coordination, but even with that being a factor, most serious competitive swimmers would not have a problem jumping into another sports practice. Yes, not all the skills would be there, the endurance would be and most people would be surprised at how strong we are. Just because we swim does not mean that we are weak, every single practice we work muscles that most people don’t even know exist, swimmers are sore in places they didn’t even know they worked during practice because you work so many different things and you get tired everywhere you don’t realize you have a muscle there till the next day when you can’t move. Once I was in one of my gym classes in the weight room, two of my friends (one does track and one is a very good soccer player) they were both doing the leg press and had it on a high weight, when i got on after them they made a comment that “It’s okay if I have to move it down, their sports use legs a lot”, so I got on and then ended up being able to use more weight than both of them. They looked at eachother then looked at me and said “But all you do is swim”, all i could do was laugh a little because of the fact they thought so little of swimming. Swimming is the most physically demanding sport considering all that swimmers do.

When there is a swim meet swimmers compete individually, and for their team. During the meets at the beginning of a season swimmers swim events to try and get better times, they are swimming against people on their own team and other teams at the meet. At these meets you aren’t getting points for your team, you are swimming for yourself and trying to get yourself better times so that you can qualify for the big meets. Once it gets a little later in the season the big qualifying meets come up, these meets are the shaved and taper meets. Yes, shaved, swimmers will go months without shaving their legs and then the night before the big meet we will shave everything, even the guys have to shave. For these meets swimmers get tech suits, these are suits that make you feel and go faster in the water, but they can get expensive. These meets are where the times you swim can count for points towards your team and there is one team at the end that comes out on top. Swim meets like these show who the dedicated swimmers are, they do everything for these meets. Meets like these are really team bonding and bring everyone together more than normal meets. These are similar to basketball, soccer, and football games it’s just that not everyone is swimming a race together, but there are relays and you are racing together for the relays. Swimming has competitions similar to every other sport so why do people still saying it isn’t?

Swimming has been becoming more and more popular through the years, it is the most popular part of the summer olympics, and it is still extremely underrated. I understand that maybe not everyone understands fully what swimming is, but if they don’t know what it is don’t say it isn’t a sport, everyone just assumes that we splash around and play games in the pool every day, sorry but no that’s not what swimming is. Going back to the definition of what a sport is, swimming qualifies for every single part of it, therefore it is a sport, and more people should become aware of it, they may fall in love with the sport like many people do.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review on album- 1989

Taylor Swift has had many successful albums, including her debut album, Taylor Swift, then Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and her most recent one 1989. 1989 is nothing like her albums before, it has a different sound to it and carries the theme of love and having confidence in yourself. The first song in this album is Welcome To New York, this song is upbeat and exciting, it is about Swifts recent move to New York and how the city makes people feel. The next song is Blank Space, this song is also upbeat and contains a sound that Swift has never had before. Blank Space is basically just Swift poking fun at herself, and all of the jokes about how many guys she has dated and that people think that she is crazy to be in a relationship with. This song adds to the confidence in yourself part of the album, she is showing that she doesn't care what people say about her love life. Skipping to the sixth song on the album, Shake It Off, is all about being confident and ignoring all the people that bring you down in life. This song helps make people happy and feel good about themselves, it reminds the listener that what other people say or think about you shouldn't bring you down, the only thing that matters is how you think of yourself.The songs I Know Places and Wildest Dreams are about relationships that were more secretive and maybe just little flings, something that wasn't supposed to turn into anything. These songs are saying that the big crowds of people who are always around celebrities watching their every move can really ruin a relationship, and in no way help it. The last few songs on the album are about love and heartbreak. The songs This Love and You Are In Love are about the feelings that you get when you are in love with someone. They describe all the factors of love and what the two people act like around each other, it shows what Swift is wanting in a relationship. The one song about heartbreak, which is interesting because all her other albums have multiple songs about heartbreak, is Clean. Clean is about a breakup, she compares it to being like an alcoholic, at first its really hard and you miss the alcohol, or in this case the relationship, then you realize you are better without it, and you are finally clean. The album 1989 is a fantastic album that has been very successful for Taylor Swift, and is still containing top ten songs on many charts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

       Bertucci's was started in Massachusetts, and now has restaurants in a few states on the east coast. Bertucci's is known for their great Italian food, especially the brick oven pizza, their delectable array of pasta dishes and of course the bread rolls.  Right now they have a great deal going on, it is a three course meal for only $19.99, when I went I ordered a meal with this deal and got a caesar salad for the first course, chicken parmesan for the main meal, and triple fudge brownie for desert.
        Before the courses come out Bertucci's gives you the basket of bread rolls with oils to dip the bread in, these rolls and oil are amazing. The bread was just baked and still a little warm, dipping it in the oil created the perfect mixture. Then the salad came out, it was perfectly sized, not too big or too small just enough before the main meal. Sometimes restaurants over power the salad with too much dressing, or they don't put enough on, this salad had a good amount of dressing on it, the salad was not soggy from the dressing, but it was covered just enough. After the salad comes the main course, the chicken parmesan. This meal was delicious, it came with three good sized pieces of breaded chicken with a good portion of spaghetti along with it. The dessert was my favorite part, the triple chocolate brownie was so good. It came in a small dish with the brownie, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and chocolate and caramel syrup drizzled over. If you don't enjoy very sweet things this is not for you, the brownie was made with Ghiradelli chocolate, when it was served you could tell that it was fresh and not something that had been sitting around. Overall the food that I got when I went to Bertucci's was extremely good and I would definitely get it all again
           Not only was the food great, but also the service. When I arrived with my friends we were not waiting long to be seated and as soon as we walked in they were working hard to find us a seat. Once we were seated our waitress was very nice, she quickly got us our bread and drinks, then took our food order. The wait for food was not as long as I would have expected, for a busy restaurant it was served quickly. Once we got the food our waitress would periodically come over and check on us, as well as refill our drinks whenever we needed. After this meal at Bertucci's I will be returning soon, everything was very enjoyable and if you have not been I highly recommend it.

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Research Project

Problem Statement
During high school years many students aren't getting the amount of sleep that they should be receiving. Lacking in sleep, or even receiving too much sleep can change the way that people act and carry themselves. In the article by “Get Sleep” they talk about how some people can become short tempered, and more irritable with less sleep. Although some people become more irritable with less sleep people could also feel more energized with seven hours of sleep compared to ten.So, how does the amount of sleep that students get either make their attitude and demeanor worse or better.

Research Question
How do teenagers view the correlation between the amount of sleep they get and their attitude that day?

Data Collection
I used a survey to find out how students in high school feel about the amount of sleep they are getting.

Data Analysis
When asked how many hours of sleep students need in order to feel good the next day the answers were, less than 5 hours: 4.5%, 5-7 hours: 4.5%, 8-10 hours: 86.4%, 11 or more hours: 4.5% . These answers did not correspond with how many hours of sleep people are actually getting, the response was less than 5 hours: 4.5%, 5-7 hours: 77.3%, 8-10 hours: 18.2%, and nobody receives 11 or more hours. 81.8% of people agree that the amount of sleep they get affects their attitude the next day, yet 18.2 % do not agree. Students that participated in this survey believe that school is a reason for why they don’t get enough sleep, 81.8% believe that school is the reason for lack of sleep. Also 68.2% of students felt as though they had a more negative outlook on the day with less sleep.

The survey that I conducted for my research helped support my topic. I found that the amount of sleep students get actually does affect their attitude the next day, although it doesn’t affect everyone it does affect most. The majority of students feel as though they aren’t getting enough sleep everyday because of school work that they receive. Most students feel as though they should be getting 2-5 hours more than they are getting. They feel as though they are more groggy, irritable, and less focused when they don’t get enough sleep.

Do you think that the amount of sleep students get has to do with their performance in school? 
If teachers gave students less homework do you think that they would be getting more sleep than they are now?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Student Research Review

Meghan M's Blog

Problem Statement- The effect on Disneyland on families and how they get people to come back more than once.

Review Question- What does the literature say about the psychological and emotional effects of visiting a Disney theme park?

Research Question- What/how does the average visitor feel towards Walt Disney World a few years after their visit?

Data Collection- Meghan used qualitative data when collecting data. She did many surveys and interviews with people.

Data Analysis/Findings- She found that in all the surveys that she did most people, even years after their trip they still feel a strong connection to the park.

Discussion- Meghans conclusion was that Disney Land has strong effects on everyone no matter the age.